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Thank you for attending the 2014 NIRI Annual Conference

Extreme sport activities involve speed, the ability to reach new heights, a high level of physical exertion, and the use of highly-specialized gear. Extreme IR is really no different. Our profession is fast-paced, operates at the highest-level of the organization, is mentally/physically demanding, and requires the use of state of the art tools and resources.
The 2014 NIRI Annual Conference will be the largest event ever for the global IR community:
Extend your knowledge of current topics and leading IR practices
Exchange and share experiences with peers and industry experts
Excite your career through collaborative learning, leading edge content, and unparalleled networking opportunities
The NIRI 2014 Annual Conference will also feature the Experience Showcase where IR teams can "outfit" themselves for the extreme elements in today's business environment. Come meet best-in-class vendors who partner and extend the capabilities of your IR program.
Join us at the NIRI 2014 Annual Conference!

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Hyatt Regency Chicago, IL, June 14-17

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