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Derek Cole

Investor Relations Advisory Solutions


Derek is President of Investor Relations Advisory Solutions (www.IRadvisory.com ), a strategic advisory firm specializing in investor relations, corporate communications, capital raising support and media relations. Derek is a veteran investor relations practitioner with 23 years experience in the capital markets and strategic planning and 17 years of dedicated investor relations and corporate communications experience focused on supporting the development of private and public companies.

Derek has established initial investor relations functions at multiple companies and developed and executed multiple award winning strategic communications programs, as well as providing financial communications counsel to C-level executives and board members. He has managed and contributed to a broad spectrum of financing transactions, including venture capital investments, initial public offerings, secondary offerings and institutional private placements, that combined have raised approximately $950 million. He has also contributed to the research, planning and execution of five M&A transactions.

Derek is an active leader of the National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI) having served on the NIRI National Board of Directors 2008 - 2012 and as Chairman of the Board of Directors in 2012. He also served as Chairman of the Working Group on Financial Disclosure for NIRI's Standards of Practice for Investor Relations and as Co-Chairman of the national steering committee for the NIRI BioPharma Roundtable. Derek is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Colorado BioScience Association. He has served as a Guest lecturer at the University of Colorado, teaching "IPOs and Investor Relations".

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