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Daniela Bretthauer

IR Director
Magazine Luiza


Daniela has over 15 years of experience in evaluating assets and picking stocks. She has developed a deep knowledge and expertise on the Brazilian retail and consumer goods sectors, as well as transportation and aerospace sectors. She acted as a sell-side analyst at the following banks: Santander, Goldman Sachs, Citibank and Raymond James. She has recently transitioned to the IR role in one of the companies she followed.

During her career, she identified business opportunities and helped to adequately value over twenty companies in the Brazilian retail sector, a dozen in the consumer goods and about fifteen in the transportation and aerospace segments. Daniela has developed a solid relationship with institutional investors from Brazil and abroad, as well as with senior management of the companies she followed.

Daniela has participated in large and complex transactions, such as the one that created the largest food company in Brazil as a result of a merger between the two largest players, as well as Brazil's first low-cost airline. In addition, her track record in IPO roles includes some of Brazil's largest and most popular brands and retail chains.

Daniela holds a BA in Economics from Iowa State University and a masters in finance from FGV in Brazil.

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