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Anne Guimard, PhD

FINEO Investor Relations Advisors


A Certified Financial Analyst, Anne Guimard also holds a PhD in international finance. With over 15 years of experience as a Chief Investor Relations Officer at multi-listed groups and as financial analyst in equity research and Mergers & Acquisitions at leading investments banks, she decided to become an entrepreneur: she founded FINEO to offer companies the independent, high value-added advice they need to effectively compete for capital. One of FINEO's key differentiators is that it has always put training and international best practices at the heart of its IR strategy consulting practice. This is further evidenced with the creation of The School of Investor Relations, a uniquely innovative training portal.

Author of several books on Investor Relations, Anne Guimard regularly speaks at international training courses and seminars.

Anne serves on the Board of Directors of the National Investor Relations Institute, the world's largest organization for Investor Relations professionals (www.niri.org.com). She is also a member of the Investor Relations Society (www.irs.org.uk), the French Securities Analysts Association (www.sfaf.com) and the French Institute of Directors (www.ifa-asso.com).

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