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Valuation Metrics



William J. Nelson
Valuation Metrics Inc.
Phone: 203-202-7991
Cell: 203-722-2778

Valuation Metrics provides predictive shareholder analytics, corporate/institutional perception, CRM and investor targeting technology. We empower our clients with data that explains how a company's valuation aligns with the quantitative investment strategy of any fund.

Our predictive targeting analytics optimize management's time with the most desirable investors and supplements efforts to increase share liquidity and value. Our time-saving analytics enhance the effectiveness of self-scheduled and investment banking-led road shows, eliminates wasteful investor meetings and highlights instances where a company's qualitative story is not positively received.

Clients include public companies, the sell-side and the buy-side and investor relations and public relations firms. Valuation Metrics continually innovates and enhances our platform's quantitative analytics to provide greater insights about investor behavior that no other service provider can offer.



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