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Corbin Perception Group (CPG)



3 Brick Walk Lane
Farmington, CT 06032
Phone: 860-321-7309

Corbin Perception is a boutique investor research and IR advisory firm assisting public companies with driving long-term shareholder value. As thought leaders, we leverage our broad industry experience, ongoing buy side research and knowledge of IR best practices to achieve results. Our core advisory services include:

Perception Studies
Investor Targeting
Investor Presentations
Investor Days
Investor Communication, Messaging
Strategy Development, External Positioning
Retainer Consulting

Corbin Perception's flagship perception study service provides the candid and accurate "ground truth" about how the financial community views your company. Our in-depth recommendations, based on our comprehensive analysis and insight into best practices, arm your team with actionable strategies to unlock value.

In closing, we are passionate about the results we help our clients achieve and develop relationships that are collaborative and long lasting; our value proposition is based on: 1) insightful, research-driven counsel; 2) a talented and experienced team; 3) an in-depth understanding of the buy side 4) the ability to apply our knowledge to create value; and 5) an unparalleled commitment to client service and satisfaction.


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