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OpenExchange is a web-based solution that enhances interaction with the investment community over video. Our solution enables investor relations professionals and their executive teams to communicate more effectively with the investment community. Now, the buy-side, sell-side and corporate issuers can arrange and conduct one-on-one and group meetings using secure, private, high quality video.

OpenExchange is designed specifically for the unique needs of the financial community, where meaningful communication is a critical ingredient to making better informed investment decisions. OpenExchange makes connecting with investors, analysts, clients, partners and colleagues over video simple, repeatable and secure, and operates with a wide range of video systems.

Use OpenExchange to:

- Meet with existing and prospective investors
- Include executives in conversations with investors with flexibility and ease
- Update investors by addressing questions or issues in 'real time'
- Prepare for NDRs and conferences by hosting calls with investors before putting management in front of them, as well as post-roadshow follow up
- Stay current with research analysts, sales people and other important constituents at investment banks

Our solution makes you and your management team more productive, your communications more interactive and your relationships more enduring.


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