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2443 S. University Blvd. #114
Denver, CO 80210
Phone: 303-377-2222
Fax: 303-547-3383

ModernIR pioneered the application of data-analytics to IR market intelligence. Launched in 2005 to help public companies understand their trading activity, our marquee client base spans the industry and market-cap spectrum. Markets have changed dramatically. Monitoring ownership to answer trading questions is yesterday's solution. Experience the evolution of market intelligence with Market Structure Analytics. Track trading behaviors setting price and turn statistics into consistent metrics on market health. The goal of IR is a fairly valued stock, a well-informed market. We give you the tools to measure success. Rational Price™. Sentiment. Behavior. Context. That means smarter IR decisions. Equity Analysis™ from ModernIR. Technology evolved for today's IR.

For more information about ModernIR, please visit www.modernir.com.

Contact: Brian Leite, VP Sales & Client Service – info@modernir.com



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