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Rivel Research Group



2960 Post Road
Southport, CT 06890
Phone: 203-226-0800

Gathering, analyzing and interpreting investment community feedback is Rivel's only business. Rivel specializes in delivering actionable insight based on in-depth measurements of the global investment community through perception studies and through the groundbreaking IR Best Practices program, the Intelligence Council. Rivel's highly experienced staff provides the well-informed, unbiased and strategically relevant intelligence companies need to effectively communicate with such important constituencies as sell-side analysts, buy-side analysts, portfolio managers, the financial media and other influential audiences. The comprehensive information that Rivel supplies enables companies to evaluate performance, formulate strategy and identify opportunities to achieve corporate objectives directed toward these groups.

Based on the methodology established by Art Rivel over 40 years ago, Rivel offers the following services:

Investor Perception Studies: Qualitative and quantitative studies comparing results to a 20-year normative database. Rivel provides consultative action steps and recommendations.

Intelligence Council: Over 200 companies belong to the Council. Rivel conducts thousands of interviews per year among the global buy-side on what is IR best practice. The Council includes 2 conferences per year and Regional Exchange meetings.

Smaller Perception Studies: Pre/post earnings call, pre/post analyst day, post roadshow: Mostly qualitative in nature, these studies provide key insights before or after events.



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